PhD Opportunity: New smart data approaches for ageing pipe networks

Posted: 11.03.2021

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Will you help us to unlock the potential of new data from in-pipe robots to transform management of ageing pipe infrastructure? By combining the data from these new inspection systems with prediction of system performance, we believe it's possible to provide sufficient warning to water companies of localized failure.


Drinking water and wastewater pipe networks are not regularly inspected due to the technical challenges caused by inaccessible environments. Recent developments in autonomous robotics means that pervasive in-pipe inspection could become a reality. We need to match this step change in inspection capabilities through improved prediction of how defects in pipe networks develop with time. If this can be achieved, then the new pervasive inspection data sets can be linked with in-pipe deterioration models and network performance models. This enables water companies to predict localized failures and so adopt “just in time” repair approaches, eliminating the severe economic and environmental damage caused by failing underground pipes.


This PhD project is part of ‘Pipebots’, a collaborative project between 4 UK Universities and many industrial partners. In this PhD you will identify the characteristics of key pipe defects, how they deteriorate and cause pipe failure and then use this understanding to simulate the performance of large pipe networks as localized failures occur.


You will benefit from access to world leading experimental and computational facilities as well as regular close contact with industry and end user partners. Our department is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity. We are committed to exploring flexible working opportunities which benefit the individual and University.


Full details & how to apply here


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